In Fall 2013, driven by a need to control and elevate the quality of our beans, Ascension started a roastery.  We found a space, bought equipment, hired talent, and have continued learning as a team all of the nuances of producing the highest quality coffee. The Roastery is overseen by our Founder, Russell Hayward who still satisfies his roasting passion by roasting some of the more delicate beans each week.

The Roasting arm of Ascension allows us to provide these high quality products to other businesses and retail outlets around town.  And it gives us a place to invite our employees and customers to learn more about the many steps of getting coffee to consumable form.

Our Coffee

We source coffee from around the world and work very closely with farmers in-country on Russell’s many origin trips to ensure their crop is of the highest quality possible. Currently we directly source and import our beans from farmers in Rwanda, Kenya, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Papua New Guinea. Once the beans make it to Dallas, we invest a lot of time in developing the optimal roast profile and brew method for each coffee. We roast all our coffees in 20-lb batches in our small Diedrich 12kg roaster, using a combination of data-driven analytics and human judgment – the perfect mix of art and science.


By the time our coffee leaves the roastery, we have spent countless hours researching, traveling, training, experimenting, and cupping to ensure the highest bar of quality is met by every bean.



Wholesaler Buying Info

We provide coffee to various restaurants, coffee shops, and markets around Dallas, Greater Texas, and Oklahoma. If you are interested in selling or serving Ascension coffee, please contact us to learn more



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